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Spring Workout Challenge Awards

Welcome to The Gym for Her, Flushing’s premier women’s gym, where we celebrate not just fitness but the incredible journeys of our community members. Our gym is more than just a place to work out; it's a supportive community where women come together to achieve their health and wellness goals in a comfortable and empowering environment.

Spring Weight Loss and Workout Challenge Awards

At The Gym for Her, we recently concluded our Spring Weight Loss and Workout Challenge, and we are thrilled to recognize the outstanding achievements of our members. These awards celebrate the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of our community. Congratulations to all our participants, and a special shout-out to our winners!

1st Place Weight Loss - Tara Lampe

Tara has shown remarkable determination and commitment, leading to her fantastic achievement in weight loss. Her journey is an inspiration to all of us at The Gym for Her.

1st Place Total Inches Lost - Calista McMullen

Calista's incredible transformation is a testament to her dedication. Losing the most inches, she has demonstrated the power of consistency and hard work.

1st Place Total Workouts and Total Silver Sneakers Check-ins - Rose Bargo

Rose's commitment to her fitness routine is truly commendable. With the highest number of workouts and Silver Sneakers check-ins, she exemplifies dedication and consistency.

2nd Place Total Workouts - Dawn McKeighan

Dawn's dedication to her fitness routine is evident as she secures the second place for total workouts. Her consistent effort is truly inspiring and sets a great example for all members.

2nd Place Most Inches Lost & 3rd Place Most Weight Lost - Cathy St. James

Cathy's weight loss journey has been inspiring, earning her a well-deserved spot in our top three. Her determination and effort are truly motivating.

3rd Place Most Workouts - Jane Patsy

Jane's commitment to maintaining a regular workout routine has earned her third place in the most workouts category. Her perseverance and dedication are inspiring to all of us.

Join the Community at The Gym for Her

We are incredibly proud of all our members who participated in the Spring Weight Loss and Workout Challenge. Each one of you has made significant strides toward your fitness goals, and your achievements are a testament to your hard work and dedication.At The Gym for Her, we believe in supporting each other to reach new heights. If you're looking for a place to start or continue your fitness journey, join our community where you will find the support, resources, and motivation you need to succeed. Let's continue to inspire and uplift each other in our pursuit of health and wellness.Congratulations once again to all our winners and participants! Keep up the fantastic work, and let’s keep striving towards our goals together.

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