Instructor Teresa Semple

If you only have an hour in your day to get your workout in, my 30/30 class was designed for you! Come join me for 30 minutes of strength training exercises, followed by 30 minutes of step aerobics, and get your strength and cardio done in one class.

Meet Teresa

Hey Friends! My name is Teresa, and I recently became certified in Step Aerobics as well as Personal and Group Fitness training. My first experience doing step aerobics was here at The Gym for Her with Shawtina (aka T) and I loved it immediately, it was the most fun I’d ever had doing cardio!

My weight loss journey started when I turned 30 and was at the heaviest I’d ever been. I have been passionate about health and fitness ever since, and I’m excited to help others on their journey to a better quality of life.

I am a Manger of Client Administration for BCInsourcing where I get to help a team of benefit coordinators be successful in their careers, as well as help the employees of our clients with their benefits.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my Gym for Her family, as well as my blood relatives (ha!), my husband, and other amazing friends doing pretty much anything, but if it involves a costume that is a huge bonus for me. I am a big nerd who loves to play Dungeons and Dragons, among many other games of all kinds, and Renaissance Festival season and Halloween are my favorite times of the year.


  • Certified in Step Aerobics Instructor
  • Certified in Personal and Group Fitness Instructor
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