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Our certified instructors are friendly, helpful and women from our community. Welcome to our family.

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Our Team

We are proud to have a great group of highly qualifed instructors from the Flushing area to assist you achieve your fitness goals. Check out each instructors personal certificatons and reach out to book a personal training session!

Tobi Williams

Gym Owner & Personal Trainer

In addition to being the leader of this fearless group of women, Tobi enjoys running weekly classes and helping women achieve their workout goals.

Tammy Swanson

Gym Manager & Instructor

A long time staple of The Gym for Her, Tammy has been bringing her "Make it Fun" attitude to every group fitness class she has lead since 2005.

Mary Anne Orme

Instructor & Personal Trainer

Since 2017 Mary has been helping woman achieve their fitness goals through personal training sessions and running group classes.

Laura Parsell


Laura joined the gym in 2015 as a former smoker and cancer survivor and is now one of our certified spinning instructors!

Cathy St James


Cathy has been a member at the gym since it opened and is a certified Spinning & AMPD Kettlebell Instructor.

Amanda Van Hove


Between balancing her busy life as a pre-school teacher and mother of two, Amanda is certified in Kettlebell AMPD, Plyoga, Tabata and Boot Camp!

Gabriella Orme

Instructor & Personal Trainer

Gabriella joined the staff of The Gym for Her in April of 2021, the week after she turned 18 and immediately started teaching kickboxing and self defense.



My classes focus on strength, cardio endurance, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere where we cheer each other on, as well as our own selves!

Shawntina Austin


Come join me for an hour of fun Step Aerobics with music remixes from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s!

Kennedy Miller


Being a Flushing native, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to make a healthy impact on my community and share my knowledge and passion for Yoga!

Teresa Salem


If you only have an hour in your day to get your workout in, my 30/30 class was designed for you! Come join me for 30 minutes of strength training exercises, followed by 30 minutes of step aerobics, and get your strength and cardio done in one class.

Tori Baynes


Bio Coming soon!

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