Zumba, Kettlebell, Drums Alive, and much more! We offer classes that are fun and produce results. See some of our top rated classes below!

Drums Alive

Combining music and rhythm with a great upper-body focused workout, Drums Alive is fun, engaging workout. This workout is challenging not only physically, but mentally!


Love to dance and workout at the same time? This class is a mixture of fun, dance inspired movements designed to get your sweating and having fun at the same time. Our certified Zumba instructors will make sure you dont miss a beat in this very popular workout class!

Kettlebell Ampd

Grab one of our kettbells and get ready to build functional strength! This workout involves several kettlebell moves designed to increase your strength and cardio. Kettlebell Ampd is an popular class for a reason.. it works!


Looking to get the maximum amount in the shortest amount of time? Tabata is a high intensity interval training (HITT) program that focusing on plyometric movements with short rest periods. Challenge yourself and try one of these popluar classes!


Hop on one of specially designed indoor cycles and join our group cyling course. This group course is lead by a certified coach for a fun, effective workout.

Self Defense & Cardio Kickboxing

Empower yourself by learning self defense in a fun, safe enivorment while getting an amazing workout.

Build Strength and Endurance

This class is focused on improving strength and overall conditioning. Be prepared to challenge yourself and get a great workout!

Kick, Punch & Strike

Think Zumba, but with plenty of punches and kicks! This class is action packed!


Grab some drumsticks and get ready to rock! Drum and jam along with the beat in this high-energy, fun workout!

Power Flow & Burn Fusion

This class combines yoga movements, and band workouts into one great workout. Fans of band resistance training will enjoy this one!

Barre Fusion

This class is all about toning your body using body-weight workouts to increase strength and flexibility!

Boot Camp

With a focus on functional fitness, this class is a full body workout that incoprates multi joint exercises to get results!

Steppin' with T Step Aerobics

Join us for an hour of fun with music remixes from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. Step is a low-impact, high energy workout. No experience necessary and all fitness levels welcome! If you can walk, you can step!


Want to increase your flexibility while you strengthen your mind and body? Join us for a Yoga class. Classes incorporate meditation, stretching, and various practices geared toward resetting the nervous system to aid in mental and physical health. All levels welcome!

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